birth of a blog : comes home

welcome to the first, trial blog pages of is the webspace of Jim and Ruth Stewart

When witter-n-grunt was young, there was no blogosphere. Or if there was we hadn't heard of it. If we had've heard of it, we'd've been blogging from the start. Now there's the blogosphere, where Ruth has spent much of this winter, and now there's RapidWeaver - "Changing the world, one site at a time..." as its makers would have it. I'm typing this into RapidWeaver right now, still in demo mode, just to put it through its paces (and me through mine) before making a purchase decision.

Now I need to figure how to get some pictures in here...

Well, that wasn't too hard - drag & drop works!

How to scale/ resize images???
Well, that's pretty easy too. Just Double-click the image to get the Media Inspector up.
It looks like this:

... well it does when scaled down to 75%.

I'm going to try an upload now - if it works, and you really wanted to go to ye olde, the use the link on the right to get there. Oh and check back soon - I'm quite enjoying this, and think I may well purchase RapidWeaver for my future personal web work.