day 3

well, some progress, if a bit slow

Added "Comments" input system, which works through a website called Doesn't preview inside RapidWeaver, which can send you scurrying around trying to see if you've accidentally switched it off, but. Don't expect to get a lot of comments, but it's there...

This afternoon first experiment with the "Photo Album" setup in RapidWeaver. Use the "Test Gallery" link above to see it in action. You'll get either a Flash Slideshow or a regular html gallery interface, depending where I last left it. Can't say I'm too pleased with this side of RapidWeaver's performance. Square thumbnails - WHY?

Last thing for today - a change of "Theme" - so far this site has been built using the "Clean" canned theme in RapidWeaver. Tonight it goes to bed in "Business"

Oh and every day a picture... so here's one from yesterday, up by the frozen shores of Loch Lochy, looking at Ben Nevis and the mountains of the Nevis Range

Ben Nevis from Bunarkaig