2013 in Retrospect

in 2013, this blog kind of froze

So here’s a few pictures by way of reflection on some of our travels in 2013

First up is a shot of a surviver of the legion of cranes that stood the length of the Clyde shipyards until as recently as the 1970’s. Few remain, and this one stands now over a scrapyard in Scotstoun. Seen here across the Clyde from Braehead, Renfrewshire

witter-n-grunt 2012: Down by the Riverside &emdash; Scotstoun Crane from Braehead

Next a shot from Bunarkaig, across Loch Lochy, to Carn Mor Dearg and Ben Nevis, on a wintery morning in December 2012

witter-n-grunt 2012: private &emdash; L1000720

This next was Glenfinnan, as the winter wore on. Taken on the afternoon of January 17th, at the relatively late hour of 16:37 (probably dark in London by then, tee hee)

witter-n-grunt 2012: private &emdash; L1000795

Thence by swerve of shore and bend of bay, to the remote hamlet of Kingairloch, literally “at the head of the short loch”, in the Gaelic, which “short loch” is an inlet on the north shore of Loch Linnhe, in Morvern. This was on Saturday, February 2nd, at 17:15. The nights were fair drawing out by then!

witter-n-grunt 2012: private &emdash; L1000945

On Monday, March 11th we were midway through a weeks’ holiday on the isle of Mull. Jim made this picture at 17:05...

witter-n-grunt 2012: private &emdash; L1001764-Edit

with immediate effect

we’re posting here again

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it's been a while...

but here we are again, and testing something new…


Ah Ha! It works…. pic from flickr inserted in blog. Painlessly! Thanks go to Karn @ Loghound Support for pointing out what’s only too obvious, really!

So here’s another, this time from our Zenfolio site…

witter-n-grunt 2012: A Week in Stromness &emdash; The Old Man of Hoy

Two looming long-term problems - running out of server space, and stressing out Rapid Weaver’s blog software

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after the winter...

…that never really was

(it was just a long. long, wet, windy, frequently stormy and at least once hurricaned, autumn.

Then in late March came a balmy spring, which sent us scampering from our Glasgow hangout to the beach at Ayr

Ayr, March 28th 2012

This was the hottest March day in recoded Scottish meteo-history. Some rare sights for Ayrshire in spring:

Ayr, March 28th 2012

But within a week winter finally arrived. Snow fell overnight across Scotland on April 2nd, though here in the Great Glen we got off very light. Just a couple of inches in our garden and a picturesque powdering of the hilltops. By the end of Wednesday the 4th, we had a beautiful and summery gloaming light on the loch, below the snow-capped peaks:

Glenalbyn Gloaming 4/4/12