spring, and the Hills are Burning

long evenings, now. This shot taken tonight from our driveway

about 8.45pm, with a fine sunset glow in the wispy cirrus, and fires still alight where the annual heather-burn is underway.

You can see flames near the top of Meall an’t Slamain, and more smoke rising out of the glen to the left.

Fire! Fire on the Mountain!

Not a bad view, we have here!!

at Last: South Africa

it’s been a while...

... but today witter-n-grunt.com has its first pictures from our South African trip last November online. You can access the first couple of galleries, entitle “Getting There” and “Johannesburg & We’re Off” via the new South Africa Galleries page here.

Street Scene - Soweto

More will follow in the days and weeks ahead. Honest