l'année dernière á York

a first time here for Jim. Sometimes you can find little gems when you look through the old pics

Other times it’s just another souvenir shot

Think this is a nice shot, however viewed, whenever... click for really big view

York Minster from the Walls, 18th May 2010

You agree?

slow year so far, this 2011

so Jim’s been filling in the time on the days sae cauld an’ the days sae dreich

working back through the South African pics, in particular the stuff from Pilanesberg National Park, which is now ready for browsing here and here

Tomorrow it’s back to here...

Dawn by the M8 (pun!)

... for a wee look aroun’ the toun and maybe a Celtic Connection or two, or three


and it’s a Happy New Year

A Happy New Year!!!

to all who visit here