Last November I, Thomas, wrote:

"Despite my ongoing problems with the Staff in this establishment, who treat the place like a hotel and come and go as they please without so much as a by your leave; despite being constantly upstaged by the pesky bloody deer when I need all the attention I can get; despite the apparently incessant procession of so-called guests who I'm damned if I invited or would have if even consulted; despite the fact it gets unimaginably cold here and when it does get warm and sunny outside they drag me indoors and bugger off out in the car; despite the indignity of being stuck in a box and driven 120 miles to the nearest cattery (appalling facilities and the Staff - Scouse, nuff said); despite all the privations, and the sometimes homicidal and always frankly inedible birdlife, I'd be quite happy here if I got my fair share of the emails."

Since then, I seem to have become quite a hit with the cyber-pussies. So I'm starting to post some pictures of my e-friends. First two up are Liberty, from Ohio, USA (below left), and Chloe Kitten, from Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia. Keep 'em coming, gals!!

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