Jim's Back Page, really, at least for now. So it's Death Kit. Time it was in Google!

The site has grown in recent months and I'm now a bit strapped for megabytes, webspacewise. So I've had to limit the chance for devotees to revisit the work of historic 1970's Liverpool pop group Death Kit, and in future only one track will be available for download from this page at any one time. Click the links below to download mp3 file of a Death Kit performance. thanks to Pete Pannett for the CD transfers from old audio cassettes which made this possible.

I'm not sure of the dates for this stuff, but I guess it's all probably around 1971-72. As to performers, there's some name-checking in the Radio Merseyside track and the Pollock thingy sounds like the same ole bunch. I'm not sure who plays guitar on the airshot, so maybe someone will let me know. Given the generally appalling sound quality on this stuff, it's not easy to make auditory/ stylistic judgements as to personnel.

Track One: Death Kit live on Radio Merseyside: currently unavailable

Track Two: The Jackson Pollock thingy : Click here to play. Duration:

Track 3: Weeping Eyeballs live in Crosby : currently unavailable